klortho (klortho) wrote,

Strange page break

I just read an article in the Shanghai Daily, Warning over danger for non-smokers, and was a little bit surprised to read this last paragraph:
Zhang Liqiang, managing director of the Shanghai Health Education Institute, said the government didn't raise the price of tobacco because the economy of many Chinese provinces, such as Yunnan, depended on the tobacco industry. If the government put up the price too much, it would affect their economic development.

I was surprised because it's rare to read something so negative about the government in a newspaper here. Then I noticed something strange -- this short paragraph is all by itself on "page 2" of the online article. Is that a coincidence, or .... Wait, yes, I checked other articles on the paper, and there are several that are longer, but don't have a "page break" at all. (For the online articles, the "page break" means you have to click a link at the bottom of the screen, in order to continue reading).

Maybe I'm paranoid, but I'm guessing that they inserted this in order to make the negative press just a little, tiny bit less accessible. Maybe fewer people will click through, maybe including some government watchdog agency, who knows? Anyway, what's interesting to me is that there are lots of subtle ways that editors can affect and manipulate the presentation of the information they deliver -- and that's all I want to say about that.

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